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We explain why we fell in love with this cottage in Grignan 

mountain bike in lavender fields

Who are we ?

Chantal and Régis, we are lovers of perched villages, alleys, ancient castles, nature walks, local products tastings and panoramic restaurants.

In Grignan, at Gite les Aiguiers, we have found a place that allows us to enjoy all this by taking advantage of all the riches of our heritage.

Our preferences

Around the Gite les Aiguiers in Grignan, Chantal appreciates the walks in the vineyards, fields of lavender or olive trees. And for his part, Regis sets out to discover new mountain bike trail with ever-increasing enthusiasm. For example around the fortress of Chamaret or the ruins of the castle ofMont segur sur lauzon...

Our values

In a relaxing environment, we welcome you to an always clean house that has a lot of character and charm.

You will be able to have all the comforts with many facilities, tourist information and games.

Our partners

Logo Office du tourisme Enclaves des paoes Pays de Grignan

Do not hesitate to go to one of the two nearest tourist offices in Grignan and Valréas, you will have plenty of information on hiking, mountain biking routes, visits to historical monuments, weekly markets and entertainment during your stay.

We have adhered to the Gite de France charter because we agree with their values of authenticity, friendliness and human warmth. It is an ethical tourism which also aims at the dynamics of the rural environment and the enhancement of our heritage.

The Gite les Aiguiers is classified four ears by Gite de France.

Why is the cottage called "les Aiguiers" ?

Stone and water

We decided to name our cottage, «Les Aiguiers», in reference to these provençal pools for storage and recovery of water dug in the rock and mostly protected from local stones.

Indeed, the cottage was itself built around these 2 elements: local stone and water.

The stone that adorns many interior and exterior walls of our vacation rental, comes directly from the basement of the plot on which the cottage is built or the nearby. It is a type of reddish limestone mollasse typical of the Grignan region. This same stone was used in the construction of parts of the castle located less than 2kms from the house.

In our holiday home, water, this precious property, is offered through 2 swimming pools.

little stone house near Valaurie

As for the Provençal Aiguiers, their highest concentration is found in the Apt and Sault region.


However, a number of these buildings are still more or less visible in the surroundings: at the entrance of Valaurie on the D7; not far from the house, in a street adjacent to the road of the great Tuilière, between dwellings and drill of holm oaks.

Local references

References to Ewers and water (aqua, eygue or acute etymological sources) are ubiquitous in the region:

To the north, Notre Dame d'Aiguebelle less than 10 kms from the cottage is a magnificent abbey nestled in a relaxing setting conducive to meditation and/or hiking: it is built around streams that spring from the rock or pass through and along the Abbey. To discover! 

To the west, the Eyguebelle estate in Valaurie, renowned for its fragrant and fruity syrups as well as its artisanal aperitifs that smell good the local essences and the south of France (Melonade, Pastis, etc.); a visit to the museum to understand the alchemy of water, aromas and plants. 

To the east: Heading for Nyons or runs the river l'Eygues (one of its particularities is that it is called «Aygues» when it joins the Vaucluse downstream). Upstream it meanders in a mineral decoration of granite rocks and limestone. The walk along the river is splendid and crossing the majestic Roman bridge an experience.

Further south, at about 35km, in Camaret-sur-Aigues, you will find yourself right next to some of the most beautiful vineyards in the region (Gigondas, Vacqueras, etc.), and next to the ancient city of Orange and can admire this beautiful medieval village atypical with its majestic and characteristic door. 


It is in tribute to this combination of elements and the richness of the local heritage that we called our Gite Les Aiguiers.

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