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Why choose a Gite de France for the holidays?

When the holidays approach, questions arise ....

Where to go? Bretagne, Dordogne, Drome Provençale?

With whom? family, friends?

How long?

What type of accommodation to choose? Hotel, Camping, holiday rentals?

Once you have answered these questions, and the answer to the last one is: a vacation rental, a cottage.

So the new question that will follow ... and not least:

With which organism can I find the rare pearl?

On which website can I find the accommodation that suits me?

The offer is overflowing: which is not worse, but which sometimes makes the search quite ... long and hesitant.

For my part, I seek above all that my vacation rental be in accordance with the information communicated to the reservation and also to go a little off the beaten track.

For this reason I choose Gite de France.

But why exactly?

Quality controlled

The accommodations offered by Gite de France are checked periodically by a visit on site. This is not the case for the vast majority of other organizations offering vacation rentals. And this is really a guarantee of quality in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Verified photos

When joining Gite de France and on the occasion of control visits, the Gite de France team takes pictures of the vacation rental that will be offered to you.

The photos are numerous, proportionate and well framed to allow you to realize the size of the rooms and perspectives outside the gite, in particular.

Classification with ears

Gite de France issues a note on the basis of a precise scale. The starting point is the regulatory framework "furnished tourism" in compliance with the standards of safety and habitability (hygiene, electricity, heating...). Then add to that a classification with ears. 1 ear, 2 ears, 3 ears, 4 ears et 5 ears.

Le gite les Aiguiers is classified 4 ears. What corresponds to: Great interior standing - High quality furniture and decoration sought – High-end services for the rooms of the cottage (kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom)

Reviews of holidaymakers are checked

The opinions of customers are collected in complete freedom and objectivity. Gîtes de France respects the legal obligations of collection, moderation and restitution of customer reviews.

Easy to search

You can search by geographic area and/or with multiple criteria.

for example Gîte de France Drome, cottage with pool, cottage with private pool.

Many facilities (indoor pool, heated pool, enclosed garden, pets allowed, baby equipment, cyclo reception, etc.) can be filtered to more easily target the goods corresponding to your request.

In touch with a team located in France

For both holidaymakers and owners, Gîte de France contacts are located in France.

As the owner of Gite les Aiguiers in Grignan, I can assure you that it is very nice to be able to communicate with the Gite de France team. Answers are clear, complete and timely. And especially the answers are given by dedicated interlocutors in France, without being in line with a person at the other end of ... Europe... at best.

Cancellation insurance

If your arrival is compromised by a last minute problem, the insurance guarantees you the refund of your rental.

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